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Project 'Rathlin' aims to conduct research on developing programmable embedded platforms for remote and compute-intensive image processing applications.



The project has four main objectives that have been organised into the major workpackages:

1. Creation of a “model of computation” dataflow representation which will allow the processing and data organisation needs of image processing to be readily captured.

2. Derivation of the Image Processing Processor (IPPro) processor architecture whose development will be driven by the computational, memory and bandwidth requirements of the algorithm to be implemented but which will also be highly programmable.

3. Development of an IPPro programming environment for a Domain Specific Language, optimally compiled to the IPPro using dataflow techniques, and integrated with a standard API supporting IPPro deployment from extant environments, specifically C/Matlab.

4. Realisation of a set of prototypical image processing algorithms including 2D and 3D applications which will be used to stress the IPPro architecture performance and software.

The result will be used to create a high performance FPGA-based image processor architecture and programming environment which will allow complex image processing algorithms to be implemented. By providing enhanced performance and programmability, the platform will challenge how image processing systems are developed for security, defence, medical imaging applications by allowing more complex processing to be performed, in particular, remotely. As part of the programme, two major demonstrators will be created including a complete video analytic system.